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Raza Computers is a well-known and respected second hand laptop reseller. We sell or buy second hand laptops at Best Price.


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Second Hand Laptop Reseller

Raza Computers is a leading Second Hand Laptop Reseller. Buying and selling second hand laptops is our passion. Raza Computers has become a trusted name among Resellers of second hand laptops. Raza Computers is a brand name among Second Hand Laptop Resellers in the market. People trust Raza Computers for selling the best quality laptops and buying second hand laptops at fair prices. Our work is our identification; we have sold a lot of second hand laptops until now. Even so, we have bought lots of second hand laptops from customers at their expected price. Raza Computers achieved a good rank among the Second Hand Laptop Resellers in the market. Our dedication and hard work have built trust with our customers. For this, we have worked hard for the last 15 years, and still, our team is working hard to give the best service to our customers. Raza Computers is the perfect place if you want to buy or sell your second hand laptops. So far, we have dealt with thousands of customers. Who are very happy and satisfied with our work. We are very happy to say that you can choose Raza Computers to buy or sell a secondhand laptop.

Why Choose Us?

Raza Computers’ head office is in Mumbai. Our expert technician team member is available from all locations. We provide service and facilities at your doorstep. You can call us from any location, and our team member will try to reach you and suggest the right conclusion. Even customers can visit our office to buy or sell second hand laptops. Our expert technician will give you the best price for your laptop and guide you to buy the perfect second hand laptop within your budget. We understand the needs of customers, according to which we guide them to buy a second hand laptop. Our goal is to give good service. So that in the future, the customer will also remember us. Our real advertiser is our customer. Contact us and choose us to buy or sell a second hand laptop. We aim to give our customers a good configuration of second hand laptops at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Buying Second Hand Laptops from Us

Do you want a good Second Hand Laptop Reseller? And do you want a second hand laptop in good condition? Do you need a second hand laptop at the cheapest rate? Do you think that someone should guide you to buy a second laptop according to your needs? Do you need a second hand laptop with a warranty? Do you need a second hand laptop with accessories? Do you need a second hand laptop with a heavy discount? Then there is no need to worry about this Raza Computers is there to fulfill all your needs for a second hand laptop. We have all kinds of payment options available, so customers can pay for the second hand laptop as easily as possible.

Benefits of Selling Second Hand Laptops from Us

A team member of Raza Computers will be at your doorstep if you are willing to sell your second hand laptop. We can assure you of the perfect and best price according to your expectations. Payment will be made on the spot after confirming the condition of the laptop. The customer can select the payment mode of cash or online transfer. We just need our customer’s satisfaction and their connectivity with us. Remember, Raza Computers always gives perfect and accurate information when buying and selling second hand laptops. You will get an exact solution and suggestions for your laptops. We can confidently tell you that Raza Computers is the best Reseller to buy or sell second hand laptops.

Our Price for Selling Second Hand Laptops

Normally, a question about buying a second hand laptop is price. In the matter of price, Raza Computers also takes special care of customers. The customer’s satisfaction is our real motto. Mostly, we provide the rate according to the customer’s expectations. Our price starts from 5000 onwards with good condition and configuration. We also give the best discounted rate to our customers on heavy range laptops. Contact us and get the full details regarding your needs. You can even visit our shop to buy or sell a second hand laptop. Raza Computers is one of the best Second Hand Laptop Reseller.

Our Price for Buying a Second Hand Laptop

We buy second hand laptops from your location at the best price. We mostly pay according to the customer’s expectations. Raza Computers is one of the best second hand Reseller on the market. It’s not our words, but our valuable customers say this. We deal in the best and most simple way with our customers. Many times, we had paid more than what customers had expected. We never hide anything from our customers. Our team is always ready to support our customers.

Our Warranty

Very often, customers are very worried about warranties. Raza Computers also has a solution for this problem. We give at least a 1 month warranty on every second hand laptop. If the customer is facing any problems with their laptop within one month, our expert technicians will solve them easily. In any case, the customer is unable to come to the workshop. Our expert will reach their doorstep and try to solve the problem at the same time. In case of any critical issue. Our person will take it to our shop and make it okay. After solving the issue, it will be delivered back to the customer’s place with no extra charges.

Raza Computers
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Sabera shaikhSabera shaikh
15:06 07 Nov 23
I visited store today there are available all types of old laptops like Dell HP Lenovo Asus Toshiba Sony Vaio all laptops in good conditions and in my budget I like 2-3 used laptop and purchase 1 it's working fine and smoothly I will buy another old computer after 1 month.
Aditya SinghAditya Singh
05:44 17 Sep 23
They buy each and every second hand laptops no matter how old the model is! You'll get nice amount as well. The best part they buy dead laptops too but, the problem is they do not give decent amount for dead laptops.
Sohel ShaikhSohel Shaikh
07:32 16 Sep 23
As a student on a tight budget, Raza Computers was a lifesaver. I found a used laptop that suited my coursework needs perfectly. Budget friendly laptops available here i recommend others to visit this store.
shahebaz vorashahebaz vora
07:01 04 Sep 23
One year after buying my laptop from Raza Computer, I'm still thrilled with my purchase. It's running smoothly, handling all my tasks effortlessly.Raza Computer's product description was accurate, and the laptop has met all my expectations. Their customer support is top-notch, providing help whenever needed.Choosing Raza Computer was a great decision, and I highly recommend them for reliable electronics. Thanks, Raza Computer, for a fantastic product and great service!
FourPlus AccountsFourPlus Accounts
06:56 04 Sep 23
I wanted to take a moment to share my continued satisfaction with the laptop I purchased from Raza Computer exactly one year ago. It has been an exceptional investment, and I'm thrilled with its performance and durability.Even after a year of daily use, this laptop continues to run smoothly and efficiently. It handles everything I throw at it, from work tasks to entertainment and gaming, with ease. The quality of the product Raza Computer provided has truly stood the test of time.I appreciate the honesty and accuracy of the product description on Raza Computers . The laptop I received matched the description perfectly, and there were no surprises or disappointments. It's clear that Raza Computer takes great care in ensuring their customers get exactly what they expect.What's also worth noting is Raza Computers's commitment to customer satisfaction. Their customer support has been top-notch, even after the sale. Whenever I've had a question or needed assistance, they've been quick to respond and incredibly helpful.Looking back, I can confidently say that choosing Raza Computers for my laptop purchase was an excellent decision. I have a reliable, high-quality laptop that has made my life easier and more enjoyable. If you're considering purchasing a laptop or any electronic device, I highly recommend Raza Computer. They have certainly earned my trust and gratitude.Thank you, Raza Computers, for providing me with a fantastic product and exceptional service!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons to choose us for buying old laptops:

  • We provide a user-friendly experience for online laptop shopping.
  • We have a wide range of old laptops from various brands and specifications.
  • Our customer support team is available to clear any queries you may have regarding our old laptops.

Absolutely! We have a wide collection of old laptops of various brands and specifications.

You can buy a old laptop from Raza Computers by visiting our store or calling us. We will be happy to help you find the perfect laptop for your needs

You can contact Raza Computers via phone or email

We accept cash or online payments for transactions like G-Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm.

If you have any questions, call our number our team is available 24/7 to help.