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Terms and Conditions

By placing an order at RAZA COMPUTERS, a customer (buyer), herein referred to as “I,” agrees to the following sales terms and conditions: I have read and understood the policies at I have agreed to pay Raza Computers the full amount of my order, including shipping, handling, and tax if applicable. Otherwise, the items I purchase remain the property of Raza Computers. I am responsible for any legal expenses toward collecting debts. I agree that I’ll pay for shipping any item(s) back to Raza Computers for warranty of defective products or refund purposes unless it is a result of Raza Computer’s mistake that does not include errors made by shipping companies. Shipping and labor charges are not refundable. Raza Computers does not guarantee that products sold are defect-free or 100% compatible with each other or with existing parts.

Raza Computers is not responsible for any damage or loss of time, profit, or money as a result of using products purchased from for information and advice by phone, website surfing, or e-mail. Raza Computers is not responsible for any shipping company’s error during transit or the resulting damage or loss of value, time, profit, or money. I will not intentionally cause any damage to Raza Computers, either physically, financially, or in reputation. I will pay the penalty for cheque bounce of Rs. 300 per cheque and 18% annual interest payable on the bounced cheque amount from the date of bounce to the date of realization. Carry a warranty against manufacturing defects only. Subject to the jurisdiction of the New Delhi Court. Goods once sold will not be taken back unless prior written consent from Raza Computers is given.

The customer shall check the equipment or material ordered at the time of delivery. No claims shall be entertained by on any grounds whatsoever thereafter. All goods carry a manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated in writing. In the event of an inability to repair or replace the defective material within 15 days due to non-availability, a credit note will be issued, for which the prevailing prices of the product with 3% depreciation for every month will be taken into account. The warranty (if applicable) is mentioned on the product description page, including the warranty period. The warranty period will be counted from the date of the invoice. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer or its authorized service partner against any manufacturing defects. The warranty being provided is a carry-in warranty. Under the terms of the carry-in warranty, the customer will be required to deliver the faulty product along with the proof of purchase to a manufacturer’s authorized service center for warranty repair. The customer must prepay any shipping charges, taxes, or duties associated with the transportation of the faulty product to and from the service center. The customer is responsible for ensuring any faulty product is shipped or returned to a manufacturer’s authorized service center, and he assumes the risk of loss during shipping.